RE: ACL Proxy Authentication patch updated for 1.1.11 ... 1.1.14

From: Armistead, Jason <>
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997 23:16:52 -0400


Thanks for providing this functionality - it looks to be just what we

However, I'm having trouble installing the patch. Can you give me EXACT
instructions, in terms of HOW to patch the files, and what versions of
Patch should I be using.

I tried downloading and using patch 2.4 from, but it
complains of FAILED HUNKs. I've basically invoked it from the src
directory with the command patch -b -u < acl_proxy_auth.patch-1.1.11,
but to no avail.

I'm using Solaris 2.5.1 and GNU C 2.7.2 trying to patch Squid 1.1.11
(with the appropriate downloaded patch file).

Thanks in advance

Jason Armistead

>From: Arjan de Vet[]
>Sent: Monday, 4 August 1997 8:57
>Subject: ACL Proxy Authentication patch updated for 1.1.11 ... 1.1.14
>I've (finally) updated my ACL-based proxy authentication patch for Squid
>versions 1.1.11 ... 1.1.14:
>See the ChangeLog file for the bugs which have been fixed.
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