Re: neighbor_type_domain for ACLs?

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 97 12:26:13 -0700 writes:

>Hello, Squidders...
>My situation - I've got a parent squid proxy that doesn't allow ftp
>objects through -- let's call it parent1. I've set
>cache_host_acl parent1 !ftp
>to not request such from this proxy.
>I want to use the NLANR caches (thanks, Duane, for letting us do so) for
>ftp objects - currently I've got the NLANR caches set as sibling.
>My questions:
>is there a version of the neighbor_type_domain parameter that allows my
>squid to use a neighbor as parent for ftp, and sibling for all else? i.e:
>acl ftp proto ftp
>neighbor_type_acl parent ftp

No, there is no such option at this point.

>where my proxy would fetch ftp MISSes from, but not
>http MISSes?
>If not, is there anybody who's found a workaround to make squid work like
>this? (clever uses of the cache_host_acl tag, etc)
>Another, related question - what does the -h parameter on ftpget do? Running
>ftpget without parameters says "Convert to HTTP" - does this mean the
>incoming ftp stream is handed to the browser as an http object?

Yes, the -h option adds HTTP reply headers. You could, if you wanted,
run ftpget from the command line without -h to just download a raw

Duane W.
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