RE: Is cache_stoplist implemented ? Next question from me......

From: Armistead, Jason <>
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 19:55:55 -0400

Duh to me !!!!!!

I found the reference in icp.c as others pointed out - it just looked
too simple.

Now, the question really is:

Can I specify complete parts of URLs, e.g. http://myhost/ or
http://myhost.mydomain/ as part of cache_stoplist ?

What if this information is already in the cache ? Is there a way to
remove all objects with a URL matching my local servers from the cache,
and VM, selectively ?

I have some users who seem to set up their browsers and forget to
specify the "don't use proxy for these hosts" field correctly. I don't
want this local stuff cached.

I presume also that cache_stoplist matches part of the full URL, not
just the path information or the final file name i.e. it matches
http://host/path/file.ext as well as file.ext or /path/file.ext or any
part thereof. I changed my config, did a HUP to reload it, but still I
find objects from my local servers in the cache.

I'm having a hard time finding (and this time I was more thorough in my
searching) what icpState->url *actually* contains because only some
fields of icpStateData in icp.h are documented. From a newbies
perspective, this makes Squid hard to follow the internal structure /
mechanisms. Perhaps a 1.1.15 documentation improvement update is due
(not meaning to be derogatory in any way about the team that produced
such a great piece of software). Any others care to comment ?

Is cache_stoplist_pattern a better way to implement this ?


Jason Armistead
Feeling kinda sheepish and a bit silly......
>From: Armistead, Jason
>Sent: Wednesday, 6 August 1997 23:10
>To: ''
>Subject: Is cache_stoplist implemented ?
>I've got Squid 1.1.11 and am wondering WHERE the cache_stoplist function
>is implemented.
>I can't find a single reference beyond cache_cf.c that actually
>references the darned thing, so I can't figure out why it doesn't appear
>to work..........
>Any pointers to the source appreciated....Duane hope you are listening
>Jason Armistead
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