No Response When SIBLING_HIT

From: Hiroshi Naitoh <>
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 1997 14:41:03 +0900

I have noticed that RTT of SIBLING_HIT is longer that of DIRECT from
original server when I have analysised access.logs of squid 1.1.9.

Today, I update squid from 1.1.9 to version 1.1.14. To check squid
configuretion, I run three squid (one child, one parent, one sibling)
on three machines, and is looking access.log using "tail -f" command
at each machine.

I set up proxy connection for client to child, then browse some URLs,
I find that there are no responce for HTML object and when SIBLING_HIT is

Any bugs? Any configuration trouble?

Thank you.

Hiroshi Naito, Assistant Professor, Osaka Institute of Technology
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