Re: Squid 1.1.15 and a Network Appliance

From: Alfonso Correas <>
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 17:45:27 +0200

Jason Lixfeld wrote:
> I'm trying something off the beaten path I think. I want to use 3 or 4
> PPro 200/128M Linux machines and have them all NFS mount one 7Gig
> Filesystem. Is this possible without having file locking problems?! Is
> their anything I should be concerned about? Anyone have any pointers
> about how I should setup the proxies on the machines? Round-Robin,
> Parent-sibling, N/A, what?! =)
> Thanks in advance.

Lately we'ha deployed some Squids to one customer, concretely 3 Squids
with Pentium PRO 180 and 128Mb RAM and 3Gigs each. All three are
configured to use the other two Squids like peers, we've found that is
much effective like a very BIG Squid.

Un Saludo.

        Alfonso Correas
        Comm Networks
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