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From: Julianne Weekers <>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 1997 17:42:29 +1000 (GMT+1000)

Larmour, Jonathan wrote:
> >
> >I have an entry for lyrebird in /etc/hosts and have dnsservers to
> >so why does it have this problem? Anyone know?
> I imagine it is because of the resolver implementation. It is most
> common that if your squid is linked with the resolv library, that
> restricts it to DNS lookups. To allow what you are looking for,
> different platforms have different solutions, such as editing
> nsswitch.conf in Solaris, NYS (I think?), or resolv+. These all allow
> mechanisms to look up names in a user-supplied order, e.g. /etc/hosts,
> then NIS, then DNS.
> However, these are circumvented if squid is directly linked with the
> standard DNS resolver, as that supports DNS and nothing else.
> It may be better to try to get lyrebird added to the DNS instead.

Thanks for the reply Jonathan,

Problem is that it is already in DNS. In addition, I discovered
recently, that if you do get it wrong in /etc/hosts then it does
matter (I had a parent not being used after I changed it's IP address,
but got it back after fixing up my /etc/hosts entry).

I don't think that I'm having DNS problems, but even if I am, the
hosts entry should obviate any lookup problems for the sibling host
surely? (I have plenty of DNServers running BTW).

Ah well, at least this is only a warning :)
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                            Prentice Centre, University of Queensland
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