Re: Hmmm ... "Out of file descriptors"

From: Kevin Littlejohn <>
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 1997 11:24:45 +0800

Quick note regarding the 'Cannot bind socket FD xxx to'
error message a few people saw - I was seeing the same, it appears to have
cleared up now. My mistake was compiling squid under a 2.0.30/2.0.31prex
kernel, then using a different 2.0.31prex kernel when running. Once I
went to pre7, and compiled under pre7, everything came right. This is
with the 3000-fd's patch &etc.
As an aside, the machine (PPro 200, 384Mb RAM, 6Gb HDD, 4 neighbours) is
handling around 70K hits/hour with about a .6 loadavg and a 8ms avg select
loop - it's performing quite well, all-told, under 2.0.31-pre7.

Just in case it helps,

Kevin Littlejohn     
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