Re: LINUX V2.0.29 and SQUID - Any kernel parameters to update ?

From: Walter Klomp <>
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 1997 14:50:02 +0800


I compiled squid on RedHat 2.0.29 as well, but see that there are only 256
File-Descriptors available, now I am not very into Linux yet, so maybe
somebody could tell me how to change the max number of filedescriptors and
other parameters I might need to change for a smooth squid-performance.

Thanks in Advance


At 04:44 PM 9/8/97 +1000, Karl Habres wrote:
>Hi all,
>I am in the process of upgrading our LINUX gateway and i would like to
>know if which is the current stable version of SQUID that will run on this
>version of LINUX V2.029.
>We currently run LINUX V1.2.8 (I know old!!! but stable) and a version of
>squid not quite so old.
>Karl Habres
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