Re: Squid connection retry problem -- fd leak?

From: Michael Pelletier <>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 09:32:33 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 12 Sep 1997, Apiset Tananchai wrote:
> Mike,
> A couple of days ago I just patch my squid NOVM 1.1.14 with your
> connection retry patch and found that my squid start to constantly consume
> more and more fd. Currently I use Oscar & Michael 3000fd patch to increase
> number of fd for squid so it's not bomb yet. :)

What kind of connection load do you see? My largest FD in use is 43, and
there's none in use betwen 28 and 43, and I get about 1000 - 2000
connections per hour. Of course, it's early morning here and it
log-rotated last night.

> It maybe because I'm rotating squid logfile at midnight. The fd usage drop
> dramatically (from around 1900 to 250) after that. Please visit
> and click on Filedescriptor Usage
> link to get a graph of what I'm talking. I'm switching to a new patch on
> 9/11 and you'll notice constantly increase of fd after that.
> I used cachemgr.cgi to check fd usage and found that most fds are file fd
> which were opened for writing. Maybe 5-10 times more than before patch.
> Is this behavior is normal? I know that you also use this patch for your
> squid too. What platform are you using? Follow is mine:

No, I definitely don't think it's normal. That graph is pretty dramatic.
I'm not running the NOVM version, though. I really need to get MRTG
running on my Squid, perhaps I'm having this problem and just don't know

I suppose it might have something to do with the adjustments being made to
the FD lifetime. Or maybe the descriptors being retried aren't being
recycled by the comm_reset_fd() function call...

        -Mike Pelletier.
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