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From: Paul Gracy <>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 16:20:25 -0400

This depends on how reliable you require a system to be. The new
Adaptec 3130 allows hot swap and warm swap of normal drives on a
SCSI chain. And 9 GB drives are 1500-2000, depending. You could
build a HUGE system for $30,000. Of course, I think Gregory's orignal
message was meant to say that most people don't need that much
horsepower. Some do, most don't.

>>> Rich Casto <> 09/22/97 12:46pm >>>
Gregory Maxwell writes:
> Ciscos cache servers suposidly cost around $30,000.. Who here has
a Squid
> cache that has cost them that much?

If you need a lot of disk and no downtime, you can easily spend that

 Sun Ultra 1, 256M w/ extra boot disk, quantity 2 $14,000
 Box Hill RAID Box 5300 Turbo w/ dual controllers, 24G disk $30,000
                                                           US $44,000


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