Transparent proxying using URL rather than IP addrs

From: Elfredy V. Cadapan <>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 20:01:22 +0800 (CST)


I tested that patch of yours for 1.1.11 (which patched cleanly on 1.1.14) -
it's happily running on one of my subsidiary caches. No visible problems as
yet (other than the 2.0.30 kernel's inability to redir to anything other
than the original port).

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Date: 21 Sep 1997 04:39:59 +0200
From: (Miquel van Smoorenburg)
Subject: Re: Cisco Cache Director (Was RE: Does Squid beat the rest? )
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In article <>,
Gregory Maxwell <> wrote:
>You can do this with Linux and Squid.. It's called transparent proxing,
>unfortuantly there is a rather BIG problem with this, The cache only sees
>the IP and not the URL, so it severly reduces hit rate.. Some people on
>this list use Transparent proxying, they can tell you how it works..

But, the code is _in there_ to proxy based on URL. Because the URL is passed
in the Host: header. It's just not turned on for transparent proxying,
but it is for the accelerator code.

A while ago I posted a patch like the following for squid 1.11 but I never
actually tested it myself (in the great Linus Torvalds tradition :)) however
it did compile. On inspection later I found out it probably didn't work.

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