Re: NetCache FAQ (NOTE: NetCache give away ends September 30)

From: Donald Neal <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 10:46:10 -1100

At 03:20 PM 23/09/97 +0100, James R Grinter wrote:
>>Whilst the features of the software look -really- good, I'm not going
>>to buy a $40,000 machine to replace my intel-powered $8,000 machine just
>>so I can have persistant connections and a fast rebuild. (Not that I
>As I think I've said before, buying commercial products isn't for
>everyone. But some people find that it's more important to offer a
>good solid service than spending a lot of time and effort doing it

  And even if we are willing to put in the time, speed equals money in
bandwidth provision.
  If you really want to run NetCache on an Intel-based box, you can run it
under NT. (No, I haven't done that, and yes, I would prefer Linux.)
  The cost of a fully-configured Digital PW 433au running Digital UNIX, by
the way, would be under US$20 000 including NetCache.

- Donald Neal
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