re: Cisco Cache Director (Was RE: Does Squid beat the rest? )

From: Paul A Vixie <>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 20:40:10 -0700

wierd. i guess i just don't know how to market things. here i've been
selling transparent caching to real customers since february and nobody
knows about it, whereas cisco hasn't sold it to anybody but everybody
knows about it. we're in beta testing for V2.0 of our product, a total
rewrite of our V1.0, whereas cisco's stuff has yet to be fired in anger,
yet there've been a dozen messages about their stuff lately and never a
single message about my stuff.

anyway, my distributor is if anybody would
like to see a real, commercial strength, supported transparent proxy that's
been serving real users in earlier incarnations for seven months. oh, and
unlike cisco's soon to be available product, we DO support ICP.

(rats, virginia, i chose transparent web caching because it seemed to be
a field cisco didn't want to be in, and look what happened.)
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