Re: NetCache FAQ (NOTE: NetCache give away ends September 30)

From: Damien Miller <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 16:12:47 +1000 (EDT)

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Kunawut Soubsen (CPE) wrote:

> Dear Sir,
> I have some problem about Linux/Squid-1.11..
> Do you know RealAduio (RealPlayer)? Now I config my network about this


> So, I can't to listten NetworkStream of RealAduio from
> but if RealAudio is HTTP stream, It OK.
> How can I config Linux/Squid-1.11

Realaudio is uses UDP (port 1070 from memory) for transport. Your squid
proxy cannot (and should not) pass this.

Visit and get thier proxy package. It will not
cache realaudio content, but at least it will get it past your firewall.

Another option is to activate IP Masquerading on the Linux box, I believe
that it will work with RealAudio. This will also allow access to many
other network services tranparently, which may or may not be what you
want. Check out the IP-Masquerade HOWTO for details on setting this up.

Hope this helps,
Damien Miller
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