Object not refreshing in the cache

From: Rich Ashton <rich@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 10:41:09 +0100 (BST)

        A problem that I haven't found an answer for in the FAQ, User Guide
or release notes.

        I have an object in the cache which is out of date. The site is

        On first access from a browser using the cache I get a TCP_HIT and
the object is served out of the cache. This object is out-of-date when
compared to what is actually at the site.

        Forcing a refresh from the client (Shift + reload in Netscape) shows
a TCP_CLIENT_REFRESH and the correct page is downloaded.

        However, the object has not been replaced in the cache.

        The next time you type in the URL the old page is served from the

        Using the cachemgr interface I have tried to use the refresh object
option and type in the URL directly. This time I get a TCP_DENIED/400

        The questions are;

1) Is it the operation though the cachemgr interface that is being denied,
   rather than the site denying me access when I choose to refresh the
   specified URL?

2) How can I get this site to display it's up to date pages, rather than
   serve out-of-date entries in the cache?

NB. I already have the following refresh rules for this site in my squid.conf

refresh_pattern/i bluesnews.com/.*html? 360 100% 360
refresh_pattern/i bluesnews.com/$ 360 100% 360

        Any help is much appreciated.


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