About "Forwarding loop detected" in icp.c

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Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 15:17:34 +0800


    We have two proxy proxy.seed.net.tw & ksproxy.seed.net.tw
  I let ksproxy.seed.net.tw has a sibling to proxy.seed.net.tw.

    But I found that there is a warning message in

  97/10/07 14:37:43| WARNING: Forwarding loop detected for
  97/10/07 14:37:43| --> 1.0 ksproxy.seed.net.tw:8080 (Squid/1.1.15)

    In icp.c, squid use "strstr" to compare "t" and "ThisCache" :
    if (strstr(t, ThisCache)) {
    For our server, this "if" condition will be true.(squid think
    proxy.seed.net.tw and ksproxy.seed.net.tw is similar.)

    So I change this line to:

    int thesame;
    if ((thesame = strcmp(t, ThisCache))== 0) {

    Is it correct and good for squid ?
    Why does squid use "strstr" to compare "t" and "ThisCache" ?

  Willis, Ching-Wei LIN
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