Re: ftpget is adding cr nl to the end of the lines

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Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 13:25:41 +0200 said:
> IHMO, your client is broken. If it sees a text/plain (added by
> squid) document being returned, it should store the file using the
> proper line termination format for your platform. While you could
> get \n line termination if you fetched the file from a Unix FTP
> server using a ;I modifier, you're SOL if the file resides on a
> Windows NT FTP server. No matter what transfer mode you use to fetch
> a .txt file from an NT FTP server, the line termination on the wire
> will be \r\n, since that's the native line termination in the DOS/
> Windows world.

My "client" isn't a browser, it's an Alex server (makes FTP archives
visible as an NFS filestore) that attempts to share cached content with the
Squid cache.

The reason it cares about length is that it gets the bytecounts directly
from the FTP server, and then attempts to get the content through Squid
(ftpget didn't give very exact bytecounts).
Then, of course, when the two don't fit, it is SOL.

When I get things from a badly typed system like FTP, I very much prefer
getting the bytes as stored, and then mangling them using other tools
locally, to a situation where the network is "helpful" - so what I want
is a way to tell the network components like SQUID and the FTP server to
just not try to "help" me. The ;I modifier would seem ideal - and since
the "client" is a server, not a human, there's no problem with the
user interface.

It's a complex world :-)

                      harald A
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