Delaying fetches

From: Greg Holloway <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 23:45:43 +1000

Hi all,

Our squid cache is fetching around 15-20% more data than access.log reports.

I detected this by comparing the total "external fetches" summarised by the
"" tool against the actual MB's sent to squid by external sources
(using ipfw and netflow).

I assume that our clients are aborting requests after squid has fetched
the whole object from external sources. I understand that squid's
logs the data sent to the client, not that fetched, hence the discreprency
between log summaries and actual fetched data.

Can anybody suggest a means of "slowing down" squid's fetching of external
objects? Ideally it would keep only 10-15 KB ahead of the client.
In Australia we pay for traffic received (ie 19c/MB).

If anybody is willing to write a patch for us, please e-mail me (we will
happily reimburse you if necessary). We are willing to make that patch
freely available.


Greg Holloway
Received on Fri Oct 10 1997 - 07:00:08 MDT

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