Re: Symantec LiveUpdate breaks squid.

From: Andrew Gillham <>
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 14:13:00 -0400 (EDT)

David Luyer wrote:
> These two are not equivalent. What ftpget does is the same as the
> standard intends. Note that the standard does "CD opt" not "CD /opt".

They weren't supposed to be! The whole point is that Squid doesn't
do any CDs before it tries to GET the file. If the standard is poorly
written WRT ftp in the *real* world, then I understand if Squid doesn't
work correctly. If it means anything, Netscape's Proxy Server works
*perfectly* with this URL, so I guess they don't follow standards.

> To access below your home directory you can do various things - one easy
> thing is to provide a symlink 'root -> /' in the home directory; another
> is to use ../../ (etc).

This seems ridiculous. I don't need this with a real FTP client, with
the Netscape Proxy Server, or with Netscape Navigator itself. Only when
I go through a Squid server would I need this.

> The Symantec web page is broken if it doesn't use some trick to take you
> to the root directory and their ftp site doesn't log you into the root
> directory.

It isn't a webpage. It is a FTP URL. It is embedded inside their
LiveUpdate software, which works fine directly, or via the Netscape Proxy
Server. I haven't tested Apache yet, but perhaps I will.

Regardless, there is still the problem of "#" in the password causing
the URL to be truncated.


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