Re: Symantec LiveUpdate breaks squid.

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 22:42:45 +0200

Andrew Gillham wrote:
> Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
> >
> > Yes. Apparently it optimizes the request to a single RETR, skipping the
> > CWD part.. Not entirely by the HTTP specification, but almost safe (it
> > is safe for all known anonymous FTP...).
> Not safe for authenticated FTP. And as you say, not by the spec.

Well. I should have said safe for all known anonymous FTP servers + all
UNIX FTP servers.

It is NOT save on some strange non-anonymous FTP servers that don't use
UNIX style paths.

This has nothing to do with opt or /opt (well, almost anyway).

Henrik Nordström
Received on Sat Oct 11 1997 - 13:51:34 MDT

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