From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 97 09:29:10 -0700 writes:

>I seem to get almost no tcp_ims_misses no matter what my refresh
>pattern is. I read the description in the release notes and it seems
>like this should happen often. I get a lot of tcp_ims-hits.
>Anybody know how this works?

When Squid receives an If-Modified-Since request, it will not forward
the request unless the object needs to be refreshed according to the
refresh_pattern rules. If the request does need to be refreshed, then
it will be logged as TCP_REFRESH_HIT or TCP_REFRESH_MISS.

If the request is not forwarded, Squid replies to the IMS request
according to the object in its cache. If the modification times are the
same, then Squid returns TCP_IMS_HIT. If the modification times are
different, then Squid returns TCP_IMS_MISS. In most cases, the cached
object will not have changed, so the result is TCP_IMS_HIT. Squid will
only return TCP_IMS_MISS if some other client causes a newer version of
the object to be pulled into the cache.

Duane W.
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