Re: Microsoft CARP

From: Daniele Orlandi <>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 20:40:16 +0200

Kolics Bertold wrote:
> Don't forget that having duplicates of cache objects can be beneficial in
> specific circumstances. There are places where network connection is
> really a scarce resource compared to the disk space which is relatively
> cheap.

For example here, in Italy. Our beloved monopolist's leased lines are 10 times
(and sometime even more) more expensive than in the USA, while the storage costs
almost the same...
I personally have some squids around the network and I WANT them to cache every
single byte passing thru them, duplicate or not.

> PS: the way M$ relates to web caching is described best by their web
> server response headers!

If their cache cannot cache their pages, by induction, it cannot cache anything.


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