performance issue, was Re: ICP proxy for Firewall

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Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 11:12:39 +0200

>>I am looking for an ICP proxy for our Firewall. We're using the Tis
>>Gauntlet software here, which is the full version of the Tis Firewall
>>toolkit. This may be not the right forum for Firewall issues, but I've
>>form the recent messages to this list, a lot of people using their Squid
>>cache servers along with Firewalls, especially the tis toolkit.
>.. deleted ...
>This might be very useful but TIS told us UDP is not something they want
>support. It is possible to set up a "UDP-tunnel" though the FW "but people


>A few solutions (I think)
>1) make it your self (mmmm)
>2) Use proxy-autoconfig from an internal www-server and list all
> internal/external servers in your domain (off-site per default via
>3) Create separate domains for internal/external (mmm)
>4) Have an internal proxy which takes care of the "routing"

>>I've first tried to place the cache server outside the Firewall on our
>>external LAN segment, using the http-gw handoff option, which works fine,

>Non related question: Do you see any performance issues when the cache is
>outside the FW. For example does a fully cached page still get downloaded
>speed or does the FW slow it down?

Well, I hadn't the chance to test this under full load, but my impression
Yes, the FW is slowing it down a bit. But that'll be hardly noyicable for
users, as we already using the FW gateway for every outgoing http request.
point of view is the reverse: will the cache and it's parents slow down the
download of pages which are not cached? Especially,as I tend now to go for
solution 4) and bring in another proxy to be passed.

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