Disks performance

From: Javier Puche. CSIC RedIRIS <javier.puche@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 13:58:07 +0100

Hi all,

 We run here a squid-1.1.15 16GB cache split in 4x4GB disks in a Sun
Storage Array. I am surprised to see, after running the sar -d command,
that all the disks have more or less the same sum of read and writes
and blocks transfers per second but two of the disks show an average
service time four times as high as the other two. I am trying to
discover if there is any hardware or software malfunctioning but I
would like to know if Squid reads/writes could be more randomly or more
sequencial in some disks than in others when spliting cache in several
disks due to Squid's code itself.

Thanks for your help.


Javier Puche.
Received on Mon Oct 27 1997 - 05:06:45 MST

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