Squid intermittantly 'stops' No response - Linux 2.0.17

From: Justin Twiss <kilrath@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 00:38:57 +0800

Got an intermittant problem with our Squid (1.1.14 (was 1.1.16, but same
problems occuring there) proxy cache. O/S is Linux 2.0.17, and no patches
have been applied. (Straight out of the box 1.1.14 install)

Nothing special about the config of the machine or the proxy server (64Mb
total memory - 24Mb allocated as squid's memory pool w/600Mb disk space).

The problem we've got is the squid process intermittantly (I can't seem to
recreate it at will) just 'stops'. No response from the proxy, or
cachemgr.cgi. If I restart the squid process, alls honkey dorey for a
couple of hours, then requires another restart.

I've tested the proxy using a 'webget' style application - Only from the
linux console, with single connections to a remote host (via proxy). It
may be 'load' related, as it only seems to occur during business hours - if
I telnet into the box after hours and attempt to access the cache, no
problems. (even after a couple of bounces of the link)

Any ideas? I'm just about pulling my hair out ;(

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