Re: IE 4.0 Problem?

From: Arjan de Vet <>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 19:06:17 +0100 (CET)

In article <> you write:

>My cache.log is generating of lot of errors very similar to the
>97/10/20 23:51:54| icpDetectClientClose: FD 14, 255 unexpected bytes
>97/10/20 23:51:54| --> from: XXX.XX.XXX.XXX
>97/10/20 23:51:54| --> data:

Mine too :-(.

>From what I can work out, all these errors are generated from machines
>that are running that stupid Internet Explorer 4.0.... Is anyone else


>encountering this problem? If so, how can I stop it happening? Why is
>it happening? It occurs on any site, not just the hotwired example

IE 4.0 sends a HTTP/1.0 request with a 'Proxy-Connection: Keep-Alive'
header. I've looked briefly in the HTTP/1.1 RFC's (2068 and 2145) and I
think it's like this:

Keep-alive connections are not default for HTTP/1.0 but *are* for
HTTP/1.1. In case keep-alive is used with HTTP/1.0 requests (and answers)
both sides must include Proxy-Connection: headers. Squid does not send a
Proxy-Connection: header back so IE 4.0 should stop treating the
connection as a keep-alive connection (AFAIK), but it doesn't and Squid
gets unwanted data from the second request on that connection.

A colleague told me that there are HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/1.1-proxy switches in
IE 4.0 but haven't experimented with those yet.

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