Re: Virtual Site Accelerator

From: Joao Carlos Mendes Luis <>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 07:21:08 -0200 (EDT)

#define quoting(Oskar Pearson)
// > We're running virtual WWW sites based on different IP addresses on a
// > same machine. This is easy to do with W3C httpd and yet easier with
// > apache.
// >
// > Now we're thinking about accelerating those pages with squid. Is
// > there (will there be) some way to do virtual acceleration with squid
// > other than running one squid process for each IP address ?
// what about using this?
// httpd_accel virtual

Maybe I was not very clear.

I have more than one http server in the same machine, one per IP

I'd like to use just ONE squid process to accelerate ALL http
virtual addresses. But to to this, it needs to know from which
address the request came, and select a virtual to accelerate in
function of it.

As far as I've seen until now, it's now (yet) possible to do this.
But I may be wrong.


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