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From: Larmour, Jonathan <>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 02:14:38 -0000

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Duane has already posted a patch for this problem. Its a bug in

.asp files already do return the header "Cache-control: private" in
all their headers, and have the Expires header earlier than the Date
header, which is the correct thing to do in their case - it shouldn't
really be up to squid to decide what is and isn't cacheable. However,
squid was ignoring this for redirects, and caching them anyway. Look
in the squid-users archives for the patch.

Also, I think having a cache_stop_acl and hierarchy_stop_acl would be
useful features, which would be able to do what you said a bit better
by having e.g. cache_stop_acl \.asp$ which will not cache things with
the .asp extension at the end of the URL.

But the default need not be changed as Active server pages are "cache-
friendly" already (in as much as they at least _say_ the page can't
be cached).

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From: Armistead, Jason
Sent: 31 October 1997 04:32
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Subject: RE: looping

So, in a nutshell, I believe any ASP files should be treated as 100%
non-cacheable, all the time, PERIOD !!!

I think Duane should modify the default configuration
include ".asp" as one of the cache_stoplist (be careful about the
period so sites with asp in their name aren't affected). Maybe this
could be a bit more refined, so that URLs such as
or aren't evicted, but
let's face it, these are by far in the m
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