Proxy Authentication error page getting cached

From: Steven Tonnesen <>
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 14:58:38 -0800


I suspect that the error page that is returned prior to authenticating to
Squid is being cached by another proxy server we are using (Purveyor v1.3 on
NT). Thus when the next user tries to access that page they keep getting the
error page and it looks to them like they cannot be authenticated. I added a
"Pragma: no-cache" header to the error page output in errorpage.c, and I'm
hoping that this will fix it. Is there some other technique that I should be
looking for? Is it just that Purveyor is not smart enough to recognize an
error result?


Steven Tonnesen
AV Technician
Coast Mountains School District
Received on Sat Nov 01 1997 - 15:16:40 MST

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