Again: "(114) Operation already in progress"

From: jbessels <>
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 12:54:06 -0800


I'm currently testing our Firewall and I've setup a pilot for Squid.
Configuation: Firewall, 64 Kbit connection, Squid 1.16, using two Squid
1.14 Squid servers at our ISP as parents. It works fine but I keep
getting the following messages on a regular bases:

(114) Operation already in progress.

I've read the old archives and know by now that this means that Squid
can't (temporarily) connect to the server. Trying again could solve the

In the past I used a simple dial-up connection. After that a direct
connection to the Internet via the Firewall (testing purposes). In the
past I did get those "can't connect to server messages" far less
It can be PSYCHOSOMATIC (experienced by others as well, could be mass
hysteria....) but I get the feeling my problems are some how related to
or caused by Squid.

1) Anyone experienced the same problems.
2) Are there any parameters I can set in Squid which could improve
3) Could using parent servers give problems (1 for com domains, 1 for
!com domains)

Hope u can help me guys/galls.
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