Re: Redundancy

From: Henny Bekker <>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 09:42:28 +0100 (MET)

Dear Garry,

> > Because of this I'm so happy with the Automatic Proxy configuration
> > facility of Netscape and Microsoft Internet explorer.. You can deal with
> > the failure of a proxy in the APC (a javascript)...
> There's more to the world (and the Internet) than Netscape and Internet
> Exploder ... Javascript is not a standard ... and APC isn't, either ...
True.. But in practics the Netscape and Microsoft Internet explorer are
the most use browsers.. I agree it's no solution for other browsers such
as lynx (which I'm using quite often). However the main proxy does not
crache that often (I hope).

A script on a central server is of no good when this server is not available
because of network or system problems.. So I'm in favore for a client-side
solution like the APC facility..

You can also use it as a load balancing meschanisme.. The only problem with
that is that you want to have specific Web traffic on the same Web caching
server to improve the HIT-rate..

Cheers, Henny

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