Re: Redundancy

From: Scott Donovan <>
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 10:02:05 +1100

>> Lately, I've been encountering a loss-of-confidence in the proxying
>> system whenever it becomes unavailable for any reason. Such reasons
>> include: System maintenance, the short delay while doing a '-k
>> reconfigure', log rotation, and the periodic shutdown (to tidy up memory
>> usage)..not to mention the occasional fault that causes the box to
>> become unavailable (particularly infrequent, but such things _do_
>> happen).

 Honestly, If you are using squid in a production environment, if possible
apply appropriate rules. Run 2 squids as peers as the top of your
hierarchy, and ensure as complete a coverage as possible of an proxy.pac
that will allow load ballancing and redundancy, that way you can do your
reconfigs/rolling upgrades etc.

 A hack is great, but it doesn't solve the "problem"..
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