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From: Dancer <>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 02:04:49 +1000

The simplest has to be:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
    return "PROXY; DIRECT;";

Which will use, or go direct if it is unavailable.

There are more complex things you can do, like selecting different proxies
for different subnets, writing exclusions, and so forth, but this is the
simplest possible.

You'll need to serve this as a special MIME type as well.

Save the file as SOMETHING.pac, and add this to your /etc/mime.types file:

application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig pac

Then restart your WWW server, and try it.

Netscape should work fine. MSIE 3.02+ should also work (if you believe
M$oft's advertising...about which I am dubious).


WLINK HQ wrote:

> Dear Sir,
> I am running a small ISP in Kathmandu, Nepal. Instead telling my
> customers to put the address of the proxy server and the port no. I
> would like to automatically configure the proxy server. Everywhere I
> look, all I can find is the JavaScript which I need to put on browsers,
> Netscape or MS Internet Exploer. Would you please tell me where I can
> find the script or any changes, that I need to do on the server, so that
> people can use that script for automatic proxy.
> I am using Linux Ver 4.0 (colgate), kernel 2.0.18. I am using Squid
> (version 1.1.10) as my proxy software and I am using Apache HTTPD server
> (version 1.1.1, release 3).
> Regards,
> ranjan koirala

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