Sanity check my transparency performance?

From: David Gourley <>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 18:46:55 -0800


I have been trying to setup Darren Reed's package for transparent
proxy on solaris and I finally got it setup to transparently redirect
port 80 traffic.

I decided to wire it up to a web server first to make sure things were
working. The server normally gives me about 450 transactions a second
with my agressive client test script, once redirection is turned on
that drops to about 180.

Does this sound reasonable to people? I am running the filter/router
on a 2 cpu UltraII 200, it seems to make no difference in performance
if I run the filter on the same machine as the server or on a
different one. Advice or other tales from the from the front would be
appreciated to sanity check my results.

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