Re: Does the DELAY_HACK option work?

From: David Luyer <>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 11:16:02 +0800

> :>|You could try applying the latest DELAY_HACK patch, there's a link to it
> on the
> :>|squid-1.0 patches page, if this is what you want.

I meant squid-1.1 patches page, sorry.

> squid-1.1.x with an DELAY_HACK option in src/
> is it works ?
> and I compiling with DELAY_HACK option, and try to set ACL list as http_access
> but it seems didn't work , and return some message on start....
> how to set the ACL ?

I've not used the stock DELAY_HACK, I'm not sure that it does much useful.
If you want bandwidth limits, look at the DELAY_HACK patch on the squid-1.1
patches page or on, but make sure you read the
README (it may do some things you don't want, such as modify src/

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