Dead Parent?

From: <>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 09:03:52 +0000

I've just upgraded from a squid 1.0.? to 1.1.7 attempting to get caching
working (it saved almost nothing)

My squid is on a firewall machine with one known parent outside, via a
dial-up line. I keep getting the message

     Detected DEAD Parent

and from then on, everything outside the firewall is inaccessible with
'no peers to query'. As long as I started the old squid on-line, it
never did this and seemed to find other outside machines on its own.

The squid.conf ine is (and was):

     cache_host parent 8080 7

Any idea what's going on or how I can work around this?

TIA, regards,
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