inside firewall for 1.2beta6

From: BoB Miorelli <>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 97 16:07 EST

Hi --

I'm new to squid 1.2beta6. How do I config squid
to be inside my firewall. On 1.1.16 I used

cache_host parent 80 7 default no-query
inside_firewall none
firewall_ip none
single_parent_bypass on

In 1.2beta6 I have:

cache_peer parent 80 7 default no-query
single_parent_bypass on

squid now fails on DNS lookups for the external sites since the
external DNS does not resolve inside the firewall.

What other parameters do I need to set to get the 'inside_firewall' effect ??

Thanks for your help.

-->BoB Miorelli, Pratt & Whitney
In theory, theory and practice are the same;
in practice they are distinct.
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