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From: Vincent A. Palmieri <vince@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 20:47:45 -0800

I am confussed, Our Upstream has been down for the last 5 hours,
and I was under the impression that squid(1.18) would serve the
users the pages that it had in its cache.

It did not...

To verify, I went to the cache manager, picked a popular url, such
as http://www.cnn.com - it did not serve at first, after a period
of 5 minutes it did serve the cached cnn.com site.

Ok, I said, I know http://www.yahoo.com is always in cache, it again
did not serve.

I made the following changes and did a shutdown and restarted, but
no change.

dns_testnames -D internic.net usc.edu cs.colorado.edu mit.edu yale.edu
dns_children 32

Any ideas? as my upstream is using a Cisco7513 so it will be going
down again real soon.
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