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From: Dancer <>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 10:52:20 +1000

Squid 1.2 isn't going HTTP/1.1 compliant. It uses some features of HTTP/1.1, but
then so do a lot of things that don't implement the full spec:

Some HTTP/1.1 features are:

persistant connections

Any of those look vaguely familiar?

Taken altogether, with connection multiplexing (running many simultaneous
requests over a single connection), HTTP/1.1 runs very quickly as compared to
even enhanced HTTP/1.0. Like twice as fast for the same data, and a lower
bandwidth consumption. How much lower? Who cares? If it's 0.0000000000001% lower,
then it's a bandwidth saving.


Gregory Maxwell wrote:

> > Someone mentioned that HTTP/1.1 permitted compression as an option -
> > perhaps all effort should be put into making Squid fully
> > HTTP/1.1-compliant, and thus implementing compression that way? At least
> > there'd be a bigger chance of getting the decompression code into the
> > clients that way.
> See squid 1.2 :)

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