From: Cefiar <>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 21:49:20 +1100

At 02:05 AM 11/26/97 -0600, Benjamin Michael VanWagner wrote:

>then i do make all make install and all this works.... except i get a shit
>load of incompatable
>pointer type warnings

Lets skip this for a moment and follow on down the list...

>when i try to run it it tellms me i need to set the cache_effective_user
>well i have it set and spelled correctly with valid accounts and
>subdirectories owned by the valid account
>it refuses to setuserid

Can you 'su' to that user?

If you can't, then doubtless that squid will not be able to either!

If this doesn't work, check redhat's sites for patches to 'su' and relevant
utils (which includes gcc and libs), for the alpha platform in particular.
There's bound to be patches to the base CD install, that you probably
should install anyway...

If it does work, then it's definately a code problem (compile or what I
dunno). But it narrows the field down.

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