Re: Swap space on squid boxes

From: Earl Fogel <>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 09:33:59 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, Nov 26, Wayne Salamonsen wrote:

>I am about to set up a dedicated cache box running Squid on a Dec Alpha.

Whatever you choose, I'd recommend you configure it with several
swap partitions on several different disks. Digital Unix does
not support swap files, just swap partitions. If you end up not
needing all your swap partitions, you can remove one or two from
your /etc/fstab file and reboot. If you need more, you can add
additional swap partitions to /etc/fstab.

Note that with Digital Unix, you have two choices as to the algorithm
it uses to allocate swap space (use "man swapon" for more information).

The default is immediate, or greedy mode, where it allocates swap space
for each process as soon as it is requested. The alternative, deferred
mode, only allocates the swap space when the requested memory is used.

I use deferred mode on our cache system. It has 128 MB of memory, about
half of which is used by squid (the rest goes to other things). I'm
running squid-1.NOVM.9, with a 3 GB cache, and here's what "swapon -s"
tells me this morning:

    www% swapon -s
    Swap partition /dev/rz0b:
        Allocated space: 32768 pages (256MB)
        In-use space: 6876 pages ( 20%)
        Free space: 25892 pages ( 79%)

    Swap partition /dev/rz4b:
        Allocated space: 32768 pages (256MB)
        In-use space: 6314 pages ( 19%)
        Free space: 26454 pages ( 80%)

    Total swap allocation:
        Allocated space: 65536 pages (512MB)
        In-use space: 13190 pages ( 20%)
        Available space: 52346 pages ( 79%)
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