Re: Fw: EUREKA! I have redirected it!

From: Dancer <>
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 11:18:58 +1000

You don't, I'm afraid. Not unless someone has written and _extremely_ clever
piece of software.
FTP is a much more complex protocol, and does not work much like HTTP, so you
can't blindly redirect it to the proxy and expect it to work.

BTW, there's a 0.3 version of transproxy at it's home site.


Benjamin Michael VanWagner wrote:

> A friend of mine sent me this to redirect packet from a port on one mhine to
> a dfferent port on another
> works great
> \
> thought it might help some of ya
> in doing wierd packet redirections
> btw how do i cache ftp
> do i set up a rule to send prt 21 data to 3128 also
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Name: transproxy-0.2.tgz
> transproxy-0.2.tgz Type: WinZip File (application/x-compressed)
> Encoding: base64
> Description: salvation

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