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From: A.Saeed <>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 19:26:03 +0500 (PKT)

Many Many Thanks to Oskar and Gregory and those who helped me .

We in Pakistan are about to launch our internet services and have
completely tested the proxy server (squid).It worked well.

I have understand quite alot and infuture need to clear my concepts too.

what u people recommend us for refresh patterns quick_abort values etc
and etc>Any smallest suggestion is welcome here with much courtesy.

My System Configuration is now

DEC ALPHA --> 1000 4/266 128MB(ram) 3 -->4gb hardisk
INTEL --> 128MB ram 2--> 2gb hardisk

about 2000 users shall be striking us.

any kind of accesslist implementation etc .

What u suggest !!
We shall appreciate each and every response.

And we have experimented here in our LAB alot.

Thank you very much.

Arshad Saeed
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