LDAP Authentication Patch for Squid Available

From: Clayton Donley <qa1049@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 08:36:11 -0600

Hello Everyone,

Someone had posted a request for an LDAP Authentication for Squid. I've
been doing this since v1.1.10, but the previous version was not
configurable within the squid.conf file and depended on another patch,
as well as the ability to read crypted passwords from the directory.

I've just finished a completely new version of this patch for Squid
v1.1.18 and put it on my website at: http://miso.wwa.com/~donley/.
Simply apply the patch to the base squid-1.1.18 before running

With this patch, Squid does not read any of the entries ahead of time.
The first time a user types their login/password, squid will look up
their uid in the directory, then try to bind using the password
specified. If the password is correct, it adds the login/password to a
memory based hash to allow faster lookup on future connections. If the
password is ever incorrect, the directory is again queried to ensure
that the password has not changed.

A sample line in squid.conf using this patch would be:

ldap_auth localhost 389 o=Motorola,c=US uid

I have not tested this new version extensively, but it seems to work
under Solaris. Note that you'll need an LDAP C API from any source. A
couple sources are listed at the top in my web page.

Please email me any questions or comments. Thanks.

Clayton Donley
Received on Mon Dec 01 1997 - 07:20:13 MST

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