Re: DIRECT vs Parent fetches

From: Gregory Maxwell <>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 02:24:36 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Donovan Baarda wrote:

> On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> >
> > Compile squid with ICMP support.. Install the pinger (make install-pinger,
> > as it must be suid root) and turn on source_ping.. the site with the
> > lowest ping gets picked..
> >
> and make sure that you set something reasonable for "netdb_ttl", otherwise
> you will send a huge number of ICMP pings all over the place. Correct me
> if I'm wrong, but without setting netdb_ttl, squid sends an ICMP ping for
> every URL fetched!! I use 24 hours (netdb_ttl 86400) so I only send one
> ping/day, but you may find 1 hour is better if the state of your
> connections varies a lot.

The default is 5min.. It will send 1 ping to each subnet not more often
then five minutes.. (which is fine for most.. Notice the SUBNET.. Not
host, and def not URL)

> Many sites are starting to block ICMP, I suspect because they are starting
> to get heaps of them from squids. This has the unfortunate side affect
> of breaking transmission unit size negotiation, causing lots of other
> things to break for people using low MTU serial connections (like
> everything).

'Lots of sites' prob means Their NT servers are so
unstable and insecure that they can't even leave their own product open to
the harsh internet (while they tell other to do it, and later dont provide
proper support.. THE NERVE)..
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