Authorize problem when using SQUID as both proxy server and http acclerator

From: Peter Sorensen <>
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 14:30:23 +0100


I have recently installed at configured the squid rel 1.1.17 as a proxy
with proxy_auth support. It works fine.

Now I want to use it as both proxy server and http accelerator, so I changed
        http_port to 80
        httpd_accel virtial 80
        httpd_accel_with_proxy on

and implementet a redirector through

        Redirect_program /.....

which redirect to the internal www servers.

It still works but when I try to access one of the internal www servers I get
access denied because I'm not authorized. Could someone give me a hint
on this.


Peter Sorensen/University of Odense,dk/
Received on Thu Dec 04 1997 - 06:32:59 MST

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