Re: Squid vs. MS-Proxy

From: Jason Haar <>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 08:41:18 +1300

> If you're keen and willing to run Squid in Linux, you can apply the PAM
> patch to Squid, then install the NT PAM module. This will allow you to
> authenticate users from an NT box.

Can someone confirm that is true? I thought the best it could do was to
still prompt the user for their password - whereas "pure" NTLM (NT
LanManager???) authentication does it without user interaction...

Also, don't forget that NTLM-based authentication cannot be proxied - you
can use it to authenticate with the proxy - but you can't use it to go
through a proxy to another NTLM authentication Web server. This affects
all proxy servers - including M$'s.

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