What is comm_remove_close_handler not found caused by?

From: Mark Powell <M.S.Powell@dont-contact.us>
Date: 9 Dec 1997 09:35:00 -0000

Have squid-1.NOVM.17 running under a fully recommended patched Solaris
2.5.1. Recently changed the size of the cache from 2500 to 3300. Now
squid periodically dies with:

comm_remove_close_handler: Handler not found!

Looking at comm.c, it would seem that the handler for the FD is maybe
getting trashed somehow, but I'm not sure.
  Also, this morning in addition to the several crashes over the
weekend, due to the above problem, squid also crashed due to:

file_write: bad FD

Is this due to a lack of available FD's?

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