Weird Error

From: Jacob Cazzell <>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 18:40:19 -0500

Hello all,

Sorry to just butt in here but I am having a problem getting squid to work
and I am almost pulling my hair out...

It dies with a FATAL message that it failed to start and dnsservers. In
the syslog this is what is reported:

commBind: Cannot bind socket FD 5 to (49) Can't assign
requested address

I get this line 6 times with the 'FD' incrementing.

Does anyone have any ideas why this isn't spawning the dnsserver?
dnsserver workes by itself and the squid.conf is the default that comes
with the package.

Any insight is appreciated!


Jacob Cazzell
Received on Tue Dec 09 1997 - 15:45:49 MST

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