Re: What if Squid goes down?

From: Tom Minchin <>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 19:36:58 +1100 (EST)

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> Are there any penalties in browsing internet where this kind of
> redirection is activated? ; I mean, do netscape or msie go any slower?
There are a couple of pitfalls:

1) the webserver that contains the proxy.pac file has to be available (although
if it's down, you can usually use the previous copy - however, most users just
cancel that and are left with no proxy settings).
2) the fall over works best when connection is refused on the proxy port, if
the machine dies completely or is isolated from the client, it can take 30 to
120 secs for the next proxy to be brought online (it would be nice if you
could set the timeout limit in the proxy.pac file).
3) Squid (or the machine) can also die in such a way that connetions to the
proxy port are accepted by nothing happens.
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